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The Top 10 Games For Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is an incredible gaming console, with the lineup now including the portable-only Nintendo Switch Lite. Both consoles are completely different from everything else, with the Lite being the best portable gaming machine and the standard Switch offering the best of all worlds, whether you're playing at home on your TV or on the go on its 6.2-inch screen. inches. But what are the best games for one or the other Switch? What are the best games to shell out right now? Here are my picks for Nintendo console essentials.  So if you are ready for this journey and find out what are the best games you could get for the Nintendo Switch, well just keep on reading. Super Mario Odyssey Not only is one of the best games 3D platformer on any console today, but it is also one of the best Mario games. It is even better than the Super Mario 64 and others consoles over the years and plus it is also full of secrets and surprises that you'll be playing it for a long time even after

Battletoads Review 2020 - The Saga Is Back On The XBox ONE

Just a few days ago, I returned to NEO. Classics back a while ago when the studio did a series of masterpieces on Nintendo consoles and just a little bit on the Xbox. In this month of August 2020, it is precisely a flagship license of the 90s, signed RARE, which is back: Battletoads. Obviously, this time the game is exclusive to the Microsoft ecosystem, so this new Battletoads is only available on Xbox One and Windows. But do Microsoft gamers really have something to celebrate with this new exclusive? Not sure…but let's find more about this version of the classic video game. The Battletoads saga is back! With this new Battletoads, the (old) gamer obviously expects to find this beat'em all so emblematic of the 8/16 bit era. While Streets of Rage 4 made a stunning comeback last April, we had every right to hope for a winning comeback for the famous mutant toads of our childhood. Thus, in 2020, we find Rash, Zitz, and Pimple, in a brand new beat'em all playable up to 3 simulta

How To Choose a Gaming PC - Everything you should know before buying

More efficient than a simple office computer, the gaming PC has been designed with powerful components adapted to complex configurations for video game software. But when it comes to deciding between a desktop or a laptop, adding RAM or changing motherboards, the choice gets complicated quite quickly. To help you better equip yourself, here are some tips for finding the right gaming PC. What to check on a gaming PC? Whether you are a beginner or an avid gamer, you will always need a good gaming PC. The high level of performance of this computer is ensured by a strategic installation of its internal components such as motherboard, graphics card, processor, hard drive, and memory modules. The presence of larger (over 80mm) and quieter fans is also a must to effectively cool the CPU and graphics card that is heavily used when playing your favorite games. To allow you to improve the performance of your gaming PC, this device is upgradeable and is equipped with SATA and other PCI express co

Google Stadia Gaming Console Review, Questions And Answers

We often talk to you about game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, or the Xbox Series X, or even more recently we presented you with the brand new PlayStation 5 from Sony. But did you know that the leader in the web search engines Google has also invested their time and effort to acquire a piece of the pie in the game console market? Google introduced not so long ago its very first compact console called Stadia, a technological innovation that will give a whole new meaning to the video game industry. However, Google Stadia is generally not well understood as a service. Dematerialized, cloud-gaming, on-demand offer ... Here is our Google Stadia file, with several questions and their answers. In other word, welcome to our Google Stadia games console review. What is cloud gaming? Today you slip a disc into your game console or download game files to your device, and ... there's also the Nintendo Switch with its cartridges. Depending on the components inside your device, your game w

The XBox Series X And PS5 Specs Comparison, Which One Is Better?

Is your heart still swinging between the Xbox Series X and the PS5? You really don't know which console to choose from? Well, this post is for you. If it's too early to pass judgment between the two consoles, there is already a way to find out which console will suit all your gaming needs and it starts with power. So let see how this will help you out. So we already know that Sony revealed recently all its technical specifics of the PlayStation 5. At this point, you may want to refer to my latest post titled: Is It Worth Buying A PS5?   Microsoft, for its part, had also done it a little earlier for its Xbox Series X. If there are still some gray areas, well now we know everything about them or I should say almost everything from both consoles. So now we have all the cards in hand to organize a face to face meeting between the two models. So what is the best video game console between Sony's PS5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series X, which of the two consoles will win the power

The Top 10 Best PlayStation 4 Games Ever Played Before

Today, I decided to tell you more about the games that can be found for the Sony PlayStation 4. Have you ever wondered what are the best games for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) by the way? From inFamous Second Son to Destiny to The Last of Us, Tomb Raider, or TowerFall Ascension, this list should give you a good start to the answer. You will find the best titles where we are accompanied by a sidekick, and where this situation serves the game. This list is taken from the best from word of mouth: it is compiled from the participation of several Internet users and the list order responses were also given by each participant. So this is not a listing from other statistic websites this is mainly my listing to not say a Top 10 of the best PS4 games. So stay with me, let's get started right away. The Last of Us: Remastered (2014) The Last of Us Remastered includes the base game, It contains the Left Behind DLC, and the abandoned packs of the multiplayer map packs territories. As soon as you lau

New Info About Cyberpunk 2077, An Overview Of The Upcoming Game

  A few days ago after the announcement of its final postponement from September 17 to November 19, 2020, here they are, the first playable tests of the video game Cyberpunk 2077. On this occasion, the new project of the Polish rockstar CD Projekt RED even risked outside the nest, via remote gaming sessions overseen by publisher Bandai Namco. Therefore we were, able to see what it look likes for four hours., The famous futuristic megalopolis which had a waking dream some time ago and which is becoming more real each time, for the better and for… the less good? Are we allowed to write that? You might say this playable preview of Cyberpunk 2077 had a funny effect on me, simply because the closer the plane gets to the ground, the clearer it is that it was not 'a UFO, but ... an airplane and nothing more. So this is a beautiful shiny plane, obviously pharaonic in its proportions and its ambitions, but somewhere also "just a plane". Note that we will avoid here all the image-b