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Crysis Remastered Review: A dispensable gaming console version

Crysis Remastered: A dispensable gaming console version

After a passage on Switch, this version of Crysis arrives on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Basically, these new versions are identical to the Switch version, and therefore to the original material. So it’s the form of this remaster that interests us today. The lifting operated did not convince me on PS4 and One. If the differences between the original assets and this new version are visible and the textures turn out to be finer than those of the Switch game, the models remain rudimentary and do not stand up to the comparisons with the latest Far Cry for example. However, I have noticed some progress on the lighting effects which gain in heat and finesse. The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X versions have 3 options. Quality, which favors the resolution, Performance, which locks the resolution to 1080p and jumps the framerate, and finally, Ray Tracing which lives up to its name.

Note that the two options helped a lot in the visual quality over performance, but, the framerate will never exceed 30 FPS and there are occasional drops in the refresh rate. Display distance suffers as well, especially when using a Super Armor sprint. The Waow effect of software ray tracing is less marked here than on a PC. It remains noticeable during the night sequences and in certain interiors, but by day, under a blazing sun, the difference is barely noticeable. So I recommend its use to appreciate certain rainy night areas mainly, but I will quickly tend to prefer the performance mode for most of the adventure.

Crysis Remastered character with weapon

A technical assessment that leaves you perplexed

Unfortunately, this performance mode is not visually stunning. It is the same for the “fat” versions. The rendering is similar but the refresh rate is locked at 30fps, which does not prevent it from dropping steadily. The standard models of PS4 and Xbox One obviously cannot take advantage of the visual optimization modes of their more powerful counterparts. Even worse, in this mode, the Pro versions do not hold 60 frames per second despite the unimpressive rendering of the title. The framerate rather fluctuates between 40 and 45 frames per second. Whatever the mode, Crysis Remastered is far from a console graphics stallion. Globally vague and outdated, these versions do not allow us to attest to a marked technical gap between Crysis Vanilla and this Remaster. Plus, there are regular bugs across all media. Some models of vegetation are sometimes limited to two dimensions. On another occasion, there are some sound effects problems. So, I have even noticed some particularly such as abrupt musical transitions and themes which are launched without any reason at all.

Crysis Remastered scene

At its launch, Far Cry had sold the small world of FPS by bringing together countless qualities grouped where no one was looking, too busy eyeing Doom 3 or Half-Life 2. Today, we did not let it take, everyone, knowing that the old creators of Crytek technical demos have it in the gut. We won't spend hours telling you about the technical quality of Crysis. If you have the PC that is going well, you will have the crème de la crème, Formula for  3D in front of you. So that's all, it is all being said. Obviously, all this comes at a price, the game flattening the most muscular configuration settings when you pushed the hardware to Very High.

Crysis Remastered review

In 2020, you and all your friends from the elite of the American army will find it immersed in the heart of the Philippines, mainly on a very good-sized island with a very dense jungle. This is how the first phase of the game starts in which you will sometimes be alone, sometimes accompanied by an entire army. All this to try to understand why the North Korean army is so passionate about an archaeological excavation site which will turn out to be the site of the crash of an alien ship evoking a giant freezer. It is so in the jungle that you will make your weapons with the Nanosuit. With a simple press, its wearer can open a radial menu giving access to special skills. Predator-style speed, strength, armor or camouflage. Each of these abilities will consume your energy in a different way. The armor will only drain your batteries when you take a hit, the speed will give rise to brief bursts of boost, the force decreases with each hit, finally, the invisible mode drains your reserves with each movement. One of the very great strengths of Crysis resides in this Nanocombi, especially if you couple it with the open environment of the jungle and the artificial intelligence system that drives it. Even if certain natural limits exist, the jungle of Crysis is largely open enough to find there a multitude of paths to follow to rally our various objectives which, through a skillful narration, will sometimes change along the way or will be added to optional secondary objectives. Ready to do battle with enemy forces? Go for the main road. Would you rather be left in peace? Drill your way through the ferns. In addition, it will give you the opportunity to contemplate the simply grandiose environments of the game and notice how the vegetation comes alive when you cross it.

Crysis Remastered Switch

Completing the objectives itself will leave you with the choice of weapons. The Nanocombi is the ideal tool for those who want to choose their approach. Stealthy or nag, the mastery of special abilities allows a little all the weird stuff. If at start-up we tend to limit ourselves, we quickly realize that approaching in stealth mode, switch to Force to grab an enemy and swing it over the rest of the troop before leaving in Armor or Speed ​​to finish the job at shotgun, is good. Likewise, by thinking quickly, we will end up resorting to unexpected combinations of powers, precisely to cope with what we had not planned. This is without to mention the more perverse approach since the advantageous physics of the title that will take on its full meaning during fights. Trees that give way under impacts or collapsing huts are not only aesthetic, they are also practical. Why not lure your enemies under a roof that we will have nicely trapped in C4 to then shoot in stealth mode and blow everything up? Or drop a few palm trees here and there? The openness of the playing field, the diversity of possible approaches, and the reactions of the AI, which bypasses you, calls for reinforcements and, communicates, make Crysis, at least in this first section, a title that is full of surprises that we can practice many times without replaying the same sequence. The jungle of Crysis is quickly becoming what is called in super hype video game jargon: a sandbox for emerging gameplay. And besides, it's beautiful to die for.

Crysis Remastered PS4

But the game evolves with the progression. During your exploration, alone or accompanied, of the jungle, you will have to make use of vehicles, in particular an armored vehicle, in a phase which at the time almost makes you think of Call Of Duty. Almost only, since you can leave the machine to find a way to clear the way by going to neutralize the enemy defenses. Clean the soldiers carrying missile launchers and go to clean the enemy armor before going into Camouflage mode to approach tanks and stick a charge on the armor. All this before coming to one of the FPS game phases which remains the most confusing that I have known: the entry into the alien ship and its progression in weightlessness. To be honest, my opinion will undoubtedly differ from the general opinion, but personally, I would have shortened the whole of a good half nevertheless the scene remains quite memorable and opens especially on the continuation of the game, which does not simply nothing more to do with its first part.

Crysis Remastered Xbox ONE

So the villains E.T. wake up and project their icy breath on a part of the island. We are then made to understand that the sandbox is over, the game suddenly becomes more linear and scripted. Finally, before we understand that we contemplate the new aspect of the environment, your weapon covered in frost, the visor of the suit that freezes when you stand still, I know, I said that we would not spread out on the technical aspect but once again, it tears off a retina in a few images. But the environment or the progression are not the only elements to change. Gone are the vindictive North Koreans, make way for space creatures that look like the mechanical octopuses of the Matrix. They are far from being smart but have the answer to compensate for the nut that serves as their brain. And we will stop there the listing of the levels which mainly aimed to show the structure of the game and its way of reversing its own codes in order to constantly surprise the player. First free as the air, you will then be subjected to a thunderous staging which enjoys a dream realization. So, is Crysis the FPS of the year? If not, I find it hard to see who could claim to take his place.

Crysis Remastered PC

However, it is not perfect. Here and there we will find passages that are more regrettable than others. I have already mentioned the crossing of the alien ship which risks becoming a beautiful subject of contention, we can add this flight through the forest, pursued by a chopper. Obviously conceived as a scene where the developers hope to see the player in a jeep or equipped with a missile launcher, it becomes a plague for those who have neither, forced to run in regularly taking cover to recover his health, until finding shelter at the next objective. The AI ​​can also be surprising, often very powerful, it has its empty passages and leaves soldiers in disarray in the face of death, no doubt dazed by your superpower when they are not simply frozen in place. More annoying, the bugs are a defect from which Crysis is not exempt, from the inopportune return to the Windows desktop (and under Vista, it is a lot of suffering) to the objective that does not trigger, it will quickly be necessary that 'EA is releasing a patch to bring some stability to the set. Physics itself has its slack, shooting at a watchtower with a missile launcher to see the sniper occupying it not even having moved a hair, that's all funny. Finally, and ultimately the biggest regret, Crysis lacks body. He has the technique, the open-ended gameplay, the vibe, but he lacks the atmosphere, the personality, the tilting thing, as we've seen in other shooters, from Deus Ex to Half-Life 2. It is not really serious in itself, but it is undoubtedly what it lacks to become an ultimate reference. So, it's just a huge benchmark for solo FPS.

Crysis Remastered PC, PS4 and Xbox ONE consoles

Crysis Remastered Review Conclusion

If Crysis Remastered remains a fun title to play in 2020, it is struggling to compare against the new open-world FPS references. The Switch version could be interesting due to the nomadic nature of the support, however, to see in these versions PS4 and Xbox One a sufficient reason to relaunch the title 13 years later. The framerate drops regularly on classic consoles while the Pro versions never reach 60 fps, even in Performance mode. We will retain from this Crysis Remastered its software Raytracing which occasionally has its small effect, but which we will quickly deactivate to find a comfortable frame rate. For more information visit the official website for more details on the game.


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