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Demon's Souls Review - New for PS5

Demon's Souls Review -  New for PS5

The father of the Souls series, called Demon's Souls, returns after more than 10 years in a remake version on Playstation 5. The Bluepoint teams offer us a new journey into a hell populated by demons, difficulty, and nostalgia. Does the magic still operate in 2020? It is well known, the series of Action RPG games developed by the teams of Bluepoint and From Software is renowned for its high standards, difficulty, and quality, which offer players an extraordinary gaming experience. In a decade, Souls (Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, or Sekiro) have established themselves as essentials in video games and have won over countless numbers of people. We are now at the dawn of a new generation of consoles and games where the father of this now legendary license, Demon's Souls, returns in a remake version, exclusively for the PlayStation 5 from November. I invite you to discover my full opinion after about thirty hours of play, in order to see if the game which laid all the foundations of the genre is doing as well as when it was released in February 2009.

Demon's Souls gameplay on Sony PlayStation 5

The father of a license that has become a cult

Demon's Souls was originally released on PlayStation 3 on February 3, 2009, in Japan and the United States. However, the game will not sell until a very short time before Bandai Namco takes over the distribution of the title in Europe and Australia, for a release on June 25, 2009, which will finally allow the game to sell enough for a sequel to be considered, namely Dark Souls. Demon's Souls is an Action RPG type game that will put you in the shoes of a hero who faces the demonic threat that plagues the world of Bolétaria, in order to restore peace. The Ancient One is the main antagonist of the game and your mission will be to travel through the different areas of Boletaria through the Archstone Nexus and defeat the Archdemon in each area to open the lair of the Ancient One and end the chaos. The game is broken down into 5 regions, plus the Nexus:

  • Archstone Of The Little King: 4 areas to do
  • King Terrier Archstone: 3 areas to do
  • Queen's Archstone: 3 areas to do
  • Shadow's Archstone: 3 areas to do
  • The Chief Archstone: 3 areas to do
  • The Nexus: Main Hub and the area under the Nexus

The Nexus will be the area where you constantly come back to navigate between the different regions: it can be seen as a big central hub. Most of the NPCs that you will meet will end up in this Nexus, whether it is a blacksmith, a merchant, your chest manager (storage of equipment and objects), spell and miracle trainers, or even the blind girl who will allow you to level up your character (the latter will also serve as a guide throughout the game). Some characters will be encountered in areas outside of the Nexus and they can join you depending on whether you help them or not. Be careful though, because sometimes they will bring you good things while others will play tricks on you and can thus greatly change your evolution in the game. Demon's Souls laid all the foundations of the genre that made the success of the episodes that followed. In particular the management of souls, which is the main (even unique) resource of the game. In fact, these souls will give you the opportunity to level up your character by assigning skill points, to buy consumables for your explorations. and also to improve your equipment in addition to materials in order to face the dangers that await you outside the Nexus. The importance of these souls is paramount and they have made all the salt of the series over the years, for the frustration they can generate. Why? Well, it's very simple: if you die wearing souls on your character, those souls will remain on your body where you died. To recover them, you will have to come back to your body without dying in the meantime, otherwise, you will lose absolutely all your souls. A very punitive component that marked the players with a hot iron and which reminds you that you should never hurry too much when you start this type of game, otherwise you will regret it bitterly.

Nevertheless, it is good to note that this first installment of the Souls saga is a very good way to take a first step towards the genre, for the most reluctant of you who have always wondered if Souls are too many games. complicated. Certainly, Demon's Souls is punitive and difficult, but it is still less so than its little brother Dark Souls first of the name; If only on boss clashes which will be less demanding on Demon's Souls, as long as you have farmed your healing herbs correctly beforehand. We are also more on what was done in Bloodborne at this level, with healing items which are consumables and not vials of life which are reset each time a campfire/point of fire is used. backup. The management and the farm of your herbs will be essential to progress serenely in the game, knowing that there are several levels of herbs which will give more or less life. For those who have discovered this series with Dark Souls, Bloodborne, or Sekiro, it is possible that you will find yourself disappointed by noting the difficulty of the bosses which has finally aged badly when you compare it to what is done in the last installments. Progressing through different levels and trash mobs will generally be more complicated than bosses. But don't underestimate them either, because many of them have a well-defined strategy that you have to adapt to in order to overcome them - or at least make it much easier for themselves.

Demon's Souls available since Novembre 12 2020

The beauty of the soul above all?

It has not escaped anyone's notice, but the game is absolutely beautiful and runs perfectly well on Sony's new console. We were waiting for a first concrete example of a perfect alliance between next-gen graphics and fluid game optimization: Demon's Souls is the perfect representative. In fact, each region, each zone, and each character or monster encountered is pleasant for the eyes as the AD of the game imagined by the Bluepoint teams is successful. How many times have we stopped - if possible, when the monsters had their backs turned - to take pictures of the different panoramas with the photo mode. The different regions and zones are very varied and have been completely reworked for the remake, with particular attention paid to certain details. All the light effects and shade are of unprecedented surgical precision and elegance and allows players to feel totally immersed in the world of Bolétaria created by the developers. Plus, you will have the choice between two game modes: one focused on graphics with your game which will run at constant 30 fps in combination with the options of ray tracing and improved light shows or a performance mode in which fluidity will be required, with a game running at constant 60 fps and with ray tracing disabled. I reassure you right away, the game is very beautiful even in performance mode, and on my side, I have favored this mode in order to have an optimal fluidity for the confrontations and the progression in the regions. The point that can potentially annoy lies especially on the remake aspect of the title and what it offers. Because yes, here we are facing a game that came out 10 years ago, and which has "only" benefited from a very big facelift at the end of 2020. Visually, it's almost flawless as explained above with exceptionally beautiful graphics and many bugs fixed, as well as a technical optimization of the game revised upwards.

Where we can express reservations is the lack of new content for the asking price. Because yes, $100US to acquire this Demon's Souls will surely not be within the reach of everyone and it is important to know if the investment is worth it. For those who have already made the game on PS3, the price will surely be a drag, because the content of this PS5 version is similar in all points to that of 10 years ago. No new content, regions or bosses have been added for the occasion and we are facing a hard-core remake that remains 100% faithful to the original game. Good or bad thing? Difficult to say and everything will depend on the profile of the player who will or not embark on the Demon's Souls PlayStation 5 adventure. From our point of view, the price of $100USD - although too expensive in our opinion given that the prices at $80USD were already high and sufficient - can be justified for players who will discover the game for the first time. Because it will be quite a game to discover by its progression, its history, its secrets and its combat mechanics. In the case of a seasoned player who knows the game well, the game will come down to a visual update for $100USD, and there is something to cringe. Intrinsically, we are talking about a title that easily requires about twenty hours of play - for a player accustomed to Souls - and that can exceed 30 or even 40 hours of play for a neophyte of the genre, and that without counting the enormous replayability of this style of games that are full of secrets and optimization.

Demon's Souls Review other snapshot on ps5

Gameplay, trends, PvP & replayability

On the gameplay side, I find myself in the fundamentals of what is done in Souls. No wonder since Demon's Souls is the precursor of the genre and that its development gave the direction to the evolutions that followed in Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro and possibly soon Elden Ring. You will be able to select a class at the start of the game, but it will not be definitive since in reality it only gives basic statistics. Everything will lie in the distribution of skill points that you will perform when you exchange souls to level up. Nothing is impossible in Souls and you might as well focus on melee gameplay that will be focused on strength or dexterity - but in Demon's Souls, this will require a good knowledge of enemies and thoroughness. - or else specialize in spells or miracles by fighting from a distance, which, let's be completely honest, is a much easier way to take down bosses. Note also, that you will have a management of the weight of your objects and your equipment which will force you to choose your armor and weapons well so as not to find yourself in the event that it will be impossible for you to roll run because your character will be too heavy. Finally, several types of weapons will be at your disposal, from the one-handed sword to the ax, including spears or even two-handed weapons and bows. Each weapon will ask you for specific statistics to be used, otherwise, it will not be effective (ie having a weapon that is slower or that does less damage than normal). The same goes for the spells that will be purchased from NPCs that you have helped or not, and you will also need the right stats and the right items to learn them. In fact, the gameplay is less heavy than on its PS3 version and I strongly appreciate the 60 fps version which is a real comfort for this kind of game where the reflexes are sometimes put to the test.

Demon's Souls for ps5 inside the video game


One of the features present in Demon's Souls PS3 was the trending system and the latter was picked up in the PS5 version and updated only in the visual and not in the operation. The Bolétaria world trend is a key mechanic that will directly impact the evolution of the game and the player in his progression. The only (and big) downside on this point: the game is very silent on its operation and it is very complex to locate and have an impact on it without it being too late. For a simple explanation, the trend of the worlds translates to a unit of measure of your actions in each of the 5 worlds. There are two possible vectors: either a tendency towards the white or black color, which will show you which side is the morality and the consequences of your actions during the game. You will start in each world with a neutral tendency, it will turn white or black depending on several reasons, such as dying in the world while in human form (your tendency will then evolve towards black). It is important to know that the color of your tendency is spread over a measurement scale that degrades from white to black, and your tendency will grant you bonuses/penalties the more white it is (example: enemies are weaker but will drop more souls or rare materials) and vice versa if your tendency tends more towards black. This mechanic is really very interesting, but as explained a little above, the game does not favor too 
much the use of this system as it is not explicit in the progression of the player and most of the players will go through the game without pay attention to it.

Demon's Souls Review scene on PS5

Cooperation and PvP

Demon's Souls has a somewhat peculiar multiplayer mode - which was later picked up in Dark Souls games - where the player can either cooperate with other people or do PvP by invading worlds of other players. For that, it's quite simple since you will have to fulfill two criteria: the first being that you will have to be in soul form and not human in order to be able to invade the world of a player you want to attack. In addition, you will need to equip yourself with the black dimension stone which will place you in a queue to join a world to invade. In the case of cooperation, things are a little different since you will be able to summon a player, to defeat a boss for example, in soul or human form (it doesn't matter, both work), but this time you will have to use the blue dimension stone. Cooperation can be a solution if you run into a boss and need help! The game, in any case, will introduce you a little to the notions of multiplayer through a boss in the area of ​​the Queen's Archstone by making you face a specter of players either PvP or PvPvE.

Demon's Souls Penetrator scene captured on PS5

Title replayability

Finally to finish, the game wants to be very generous in its replayability thanks to all the possibilities of builds to test, secrets to discover or performances to achieve for speedrunners in particular - or for players looking for challenges such as completing the game. game without weapon or without leveling up. Each run you will do in the game will be different because there is no straightforward path, and you will be able to make the worlds in the order you want and you will not be locked in front of a boss if you do not succeed. You just have to try your luck in another world and come back stronger! The variety of possibilities is one of the reasons that Souls are successful games since the creativity of the players is not restricted: they can use any weapon with any armor, regardless of the class. . I just note that it will be necessary to look at a minimum on the effect of skill points on your statistics so as not to find yourself lost because it is impossible to reset your points once they are used. So be careful how you build your character, but even if you make a mistake, nothing prevents you from taking your first game as a trial game and relaunching a cleaner game after a few hours of playing and getting started. Also take into account that once the game is over, it will launch automatically in New Game + mode: the monsters and bosses will be even stronger and will bring even more resources to allow you to continue to develop your character and find all the secrets hidden or linked to trends!

Demon's Souls PS5 one of the characters

Demon's Souls Review Conclusion

Demon's Souls was expected for this launch of the PlayStation 5 and it is clear that it does not disappoint me at all and that it is already establishing itself as a major title in the PlayStation catalog. This next-gen version certainly takes all the basics of its version released 10 years earlier by having redone only the graphics and optimization of the title without adding new content, but it remains a great slap in the face. I quickly forget the somewhat rigid mechanics of the genre and I let myself be carried away very quickly by this adventure in hell which paradoxically goes through with a lot of pleasure. The Bluepoint teams have simply revived a masterpiece that did not have the success it deserved a decade earlier. If you wish to learn more, please make sure you visit the Demon's Souls for PS5 official website for more details. that's it for now, so let me know if you have played the PS5 version in the comment box below. Thank you for reading this post.


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