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Football Manager 2021 Review - Statistical Football Is Back

Football Manager 2021 Review - Statistical Football Is Back

New football season, and also inevitably we have the right to a new episode of the most famous football simulation license. So obviously it's a bit special year for sports competitions because of the current pandemic. But no risk here, because Football Manager 2021 will be able to help you live your coaching career while respecting all barrier gestures. The license continues its path by releasing an episode each year and making some new features and adjustments. The license will also be available this year on Xbox, but this one will be a version closer to the one on mobile with the Touch series. So, here I will talk about the PC version only, and my review carried out on the beta version of the game for more than 30 hours. I have a PC with a good configuration, so I will start with this one for today. A full season has been completed, as some season starts with other clubs as well.

Football Manager 2021 gameplay

What are the new features for this year?

This year, Sports Interactive is offering us an episode that is generous with new features on paper and I clearly feel the desire to want to change the title. In any case, the decisions taken are going in the right direction and it remains to be seen whether these new features work as well in the game and whether they will be necessary. Before we go any further, you surely know this, but we are in a somewhat complicated year and football is forced to make some exceptional decisions in order to get through this COVID episode. Both tell you right away, the developers have made the decision not to include these events in their game. Some were wondering and it is legitimate because a simulation is intended to be as close to reality. But the studio preferred to kick in touch and thus completely ignore the pandemic. You will also live a season in full stadiums, without funding problems and above all not to have an absent player who tested positive. If you still want to live the experience, there is no doubt that the community will be able to release a mod in the months to come as on the previous episode. Regarding the novelties within this episode, there are many this year. Fans will no doubt be delighted with what has been announced and the developers are clearly listening to the players. In fact, the features shunned by players have been partially reviewed, but will that be enough? First of all, I think of the boring press conferences that most of the players avoid by sending their assistant coach. I can also think of the aging match engine which has been completely redesigned. Finally, the title is updated from statistical football with the arrival of statistics of the Expected Goals (xG).

Football Manager 2021 game snapshot

The numbers don't lie ...

As a whole, Football Manager 2021 continues its conquest of new players by trying to take the hand of football fans who have never tried to step into the shoes of a manager. There are many explanations for this at the start of the season in order to provide maximum support to the player, who is surely already lost in all these menus. While this help has been available for several years now, there are others that will help you make the right decisions. In fact, your staff will make your job easier and easier with regular reports and now even with the addition of recruitment meetings. This interaction will take place before the transfer window in order to clearly define the needs and objectives of the team. This will allow you to establish your needs in terms of players but also to organize all your staff in order to make the best possible success in your transfer window. Other features such as the ability to question a player agent in order to take the temperature directly from the target. This will make it easier for you to force a club to give up a player who wants to leave. If you're a fan of football and numbers, the appearance of the Expected Goals has to be the best news. It’s impossible to miss it in modern football today. You've probably heard of it, but this statistic helps gauge the likelihood of a team hitting the net in a game. So obviously, in a game like Football Manager, it seems obvious that this formula has its place. It is also available during your matches and will let you know if your team is dangerous and offers itself the possibility of scoring. Much more precise than a dominance percentage or the number of shots on target. The time to compare shots at the end of the match is also over, now you will have to complain about xG.

Football Manager 2021 Review sport game

A fun match engine!

Another major new feature of this new episode is the overhaul of the match engine. This is the biggest technical evolution of this episode. Football Manager 2021 takes care of the show on its green carpet both graphically and in terms of entertainment. It's clearly fun on that side, the player animations are much more enjoyable. In previous years, it was often possible to see your players slide between two animations, which is hardly the case today. It will still be possible to see your players making incomprehensible choices or simply taking time before action, but the whole thing is clearly more fluid. That's not all because the presentation of the matches has had a little refresh, much more modern and inspired by today's TV broadcasters. Most important for you will be the new ways of interacting with the game from your bench. During a meeting, you will now be able to have a look at your eleven and your substitutes directly at the bottom of your screen. You will be able to give instructions and make changes quickly without taking your eyes off the game. Global ergonomics makes the experience much more satisfying.

Small clarification, by the way, the icon forms to trade its percentage against a heart-changing color according to the current state of your player. This is an important detail in your management of the team. It's true that it's really impossible to assess a player's form as a percentage, so the new icon is more suitable. You will also have to carry out interviews before or after the matches from now on. As in real life, you will be asked for your opinion on the sidelines or at a post-match press conference. An addition that adds a bit of heaviness to the overall experience. Because yes unfortunately one of the biggest flaws of the license comes back despite the many changes. The studio is well aware that most players send their deputies to press conferences because they don't really matter. This year, the developers are trying to revise the formula with the addition of postures to replace moods. There isn't much of a difference in the end. In fact, the mechanics remain the same overall and the exercise will be just as soporific. It’s not this year that your deputy will find himself on the streets. Some typos on the beta version all the same, which will undoubtedly be corrected at the official release of the title. I talk about the translation of certain texts and their layout or even certain functionalities blocked from time to time. Nothing to worry about, but I prefer to note it all the same.

Football Manager 2021 Review, everything you should know

Football Manager 2021 Review Conclusion

In conclusion, if you are a fan of the series, the changes made should please you. If you are curious, go ahead because the license is increasingly opening up to the general public without losing its charm. Many flaws have been corrected and others perfectly improved. Football Manager 2021 is modernizing for its greater good, although many details still deserve some tweaking. I obviously talking about the press conferences, the relationship with the players, and the overall title balance. The developers have done a very good job for this 2021 season, but a lot of adjustments are expected for the future. What a pleasure to start a new season each year on this license which is becoming more and more democratic. With a rather shy episode last year in terms of novelties, this one will have finally convinced me. In particular thanks to its new match engine which really needed a facelift and it's done. The ergonomics of the new features and the contribution of new tools are a real comfort for my coaching career. Big disappointment all the same concerning the press conferences which remain always as uninteresting in my opinion. Ok, I'm going back (throwing a water bottle).

If you need to learn more about the game, please make sure you visit Football Manager 2021 official website today for all details. Also I invite you to write down your comment in the form located below this post. Enjoy!


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