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GodFall Review - It's Beautiful, It's Powerful, But It's not Enough

GodFall Review - It's Beautiful, It's Powerful, But It's not Enough

While it was the very first game announced for PS5, Godfall is not the true spearhead that some had hoped for. Under a really attractive graphic coating (but technically far from being infallible), this action game with large loot components is inspired by the tenors of the genre that are God of War or the titles of FromSoftware, unfortunately without taking back the genius: the narrative is poor, the staging lacks panache and, above all, its meager level design shows an ultra-repetitive structure without ambition ... and ultimately very disappointing content. However, everything is not to be thrown away, far from it since the fights are nervous, the artistic direction sometimes shows a great efficiency while the general atmosphere which emanates from it, mythological lore in support, portends a potentially bright future. If the developers take their courage (and their budget) with both hands to deliver a smarter and more airy experience, no doubt we could have an otherwise more fun slasher overtime next time. But as it stands, even if it means choosing another title of its kind for this PS5 launch ... a certain Demon’s Souls is on the line-up, you should know that.

Godfall gameplay on ps5

The Test on PS5

Out of absolutely nowhere, Godfall will certainly have achieved one of the greatest breakthroughs in the industry: remember, it's December 2019 and, just to respond to the surprise announcement of the Xbox Series X, Sony is giving away his agreement to have his logo finally shown for the first time in a trailer. As a result, Godfall then becomes, historically, the very first confirmed PS5 game! However, Internet users are skeptical: why did you choose a new franchise and, what is more, from a recently created external studio ... and have not yet given birth to any production? Regardless, for Counterplay Games, it is the consecration since their unborn baby finds himself propelled to the headliner, directly to the line-up of the PlayStation 5, although a PC version is planned in parallel. So here we are in November 2020, the console is finally out and we had the opportunity, DualSense in hand, to taste this promising Godfall greedily. The next-gen, here, now?

California studio made up of seventy-five people, Counterplay Games has benefited from the expertise of its members - there are people who have worked in particular on Destiny 2, God of War, Diablo III, or even the Ratchet & Clank series - and the editor Gearbox Publishing, after having fundraised for good in 2018. And like any first work, the developers based themselves on what they knew how to do best: flashy action ... and loot. More precisely, Godfall thus bears the name of looter-slasher, a term that suits it like a glove since slicing mobs and recovering material will be exactly the main activity during the fifteen hours required to complete the adventure. A raw adventure of stripping with obvious potential ... but which still needs ambition to fully convince.

Godfall battle scene


Godfall is unique in that it takes place in a rather alluring legendary universe: mythology created from scratch, drawing on wacky jargon and drawing on foundations of the constellation, cosmic matter, and the very reason of existence. We then embody Orin, whose brother Macros has seized the ultimate power at the top of a mystical tower, able to draw a line on Life (with a capital letter). After a failed duel, Orin falls and lands at the bottom of the hole, literally: it will then have to clear a vertical passage through the Realms of Earth, Water, and Air to go and kick his brother's buttocks, sitting in peace on its elevated throne. An ascent in every sense of the word since Orin will have to rebuild his power, find powers and weapons, and, ideally, change valorplates, these armor with distinct design and capacities, to defeat the generals of Macros and lead its quest. Despite a context and an impressive world, we must nevertheless admit that Godfall rests, from a narrative point of view, on the minimum union: its story remains extremely succinct, quickly reveals its diagram - two characters in a tiny HUB, poorly writings, with which we will interact in a scripted way - and in no case dare to go a little further. For even more of history and lore, it will be necessary to turn to the codices recovered in the universe and accessible from the dedicated menu: really nothing to break a duck's three legs and, despite the sure potential of this golden universe, the plot of Godfall finally takes very little breath. Even its directing betrays a lack of budget and control since all the faces turn out to be masked in order to hide the facial animations, while the real cutscenes are frankly rare. Moreover, the finish moves also lack real panache, what a shame! So we just have to focus on the artistic direction, which we will come back to later, and especially its gameplay which inexorably defines its character.

Godfall review other fight scene


It must be admitted: the first moments of Godfall are particularly seductive. In addition to a sparkling plastic that reminds us that, yes, the next-gen is good, its nervous fights immediately lead to a real pleasure of gameplay. Very inspired by the last God of War and titles from FromSoftware (not the worst references, you will agree), so we end up with a third-person action that relies entirely on the attack, dodge, and counter, with light attacks and unstoppable ones. The damage points are displayed with each hit, using your shield requires precise timing and a whole skill tree is available to enhance the gameplay, both offensive and defensive. Divided into five categories - dual blades, two-handed swords, war hammers, polearms, and long swords - the weapons feature combos and special abilities that will need to be used against a host of more bestiary in addition tough. The fights, Godfall does them pretty well and mixes technicality, precision, and savagery in a generally mastered way, especially as the gameplay deepens quickly over the skills unlocked. To move forward in the story, you will obviously have to level up to match the level requested, even if it means restarting certain quests or extending exploration to gain a little more XP points. In short, we are here in familiar territory, the games of the genre exploiting this game design for years now. No surprise at this level then.

And if the clashes go rather well, apart from a difficulty which climbs suddenly and in a way not always well balanced in the last quarter, it is clear that Godfall also turns quickly in circles. Before moving on to the annoying things, let's still try to highlight some frankly impressive bosses, sometimes very difficult and with Dantesque character design (this also applies to many enemies or valorplates), which will punctuate this muscular journey. Unfortunately, this is not everything and the title of Counterplay Games then offers an experience that reveals its architecture far too quickly. Very inspired by the adventure of Kratos, without ever taking back the finesse of writing or the variety of objectives, the software proposes to chain arena on the arena in small open areas that it is possible to explore without there is much to discover there, apart from hidden chests (and that's it). Continuously, with frightening perseverance, Godfall really asks us to chain the levels by following the same pattern: of continual fighting, resting indefinitely on the same bases, but not diluting in any way with platform, puzzles, or, also, a captivating story. This level design of glaring poverty is very quickly visible and does not fail to impose a real weariness. Because if, after a few hours of playing, you ask yourself this famous question: “Is that going to be this throughout the game?” ... The answer is a big big “yes”.

Godfall review with another great combat battle


Behind fighting mechanics that work very well, Godfall ultimately turns out to be a game that lacks substance. And that's its biggest black. However, it is not for lack of having a bet on long-winded loot: in addition to weapons, you can equip yourself with stones of life, rings, charms, amulets, and whatnot - which can be improved for a fee - all assigning very specific abilities, which must be combined as in any good RPG. But with no real content behind it, it's hard to properly exploit it once the campaign is over. Because the endgame, however essential in this kind of product, is also revealed to be meager in interest with repetitions of almost stupid and nasty levels, integrating, all the same, some variations but will struggle to convince the regulars of the genre. There are two ways to get the most out of Godfall: distance yourself from your games so as not to quickly come close to overdose, and rely on online cooperation. As we often say (well, especially your editor here), it's always better to have two, even when the original material needs to be reviewed. Here, it could not be more true since the multiplayer lends itself well to the experience, and is almost required given the difficulty of certain levels. There is also a simple infinite arena mode with increasing difficulty, but apart from that, unfortunately, Godfall offers NOTHING to ventilate his experience.

godfall for ps5 on of the characters

GodFall Review Conclusion

To end on a positive note (or almost), it should be noted that Godfall promises to be a frankly pretty game. So yes, the real next-gen isn't here yet, but Counterplay Games has worked hard to build a world as beautiful as possible and still deserves some applause, especially for a first game. First of all, it goes through an artistic direction that hits the mark: here we have a promising mythological world offering some very beautiful environments, always majestic and not hesitating to play on gigantism. This is also one of the big assets and the main ways to vary your adventure, even if it means offering the same structure over and over. Be careful though, because by playing with a palette of ultra-sparkling colors and a quintal of particle effects or reflections in all directions (which is really striking at the very beginning!), We can not only graze too -much both visual… and technical. In performance mode, automatically configured and displaying dynamic 4K and 60fps, we regularly find ourselves with small drops in framerate / mini-freezes, sometimes quite annoying in such a fluid action. And it's even quite recurrent in some specific environments, to believe that the PS5 has trouble managing specific assets (it is certainly a story of optimization, however), while we had the misfortune of 'experience ten crashes and other bugs! On the other hand, we must admit that Godfall largely supports the other capacities of the PS5: the loading times are minimal (what comfort, nomidiou), the vibrations of the DualSense put us instantly in a hot bath and the adaptive triggers make the job properly, even if still quite timid in their exploitation. On the other hand, black spot on the side of 3D audio, far too shy here and which joins, in another register, an OST of the same character. But be sure: if you have a modern TV like 4K OLED or QLED, the visual spectacle is partly guaranteed. Strongly those larger productions (cuckoo God of War Ragnarok) are given to the bottom.

For more information about the game, please visit the GodFall official website for more details. Please feel free to comment down below. I hope you enjoy the GodFall review, if this is the case let me know.


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