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Sam & Max Save The World REMASTERED Review - A Game That Brings Back Many Memories

Sam & Max Save The World REMASTERED Review

While they are still with us today, point and clicks managed to transport the teenagers of the 2000s on ever more incredible and atypical adventures. Many remember their first emotions collecting all kinds of objects, trying multiple improbable combinations, all served by dialogues sometimes overflowing with humor and a few well-found twists. In the panel of this large category, we find many heroes, in particular an elegant dog, generally smart (well, a little), and his sidekick of always, a funny white rabbit not lacking in spicy humor. Do you recognize them? So do we, and they're coming back to Nintendo Switch now for our greatest pleasure. Sam and Max are in the place! True entities of the video games of the 2000s, the grown-up children of today certainly remember this facetious tandem. For all those who have not had the opportunity to meet them, we present them to you briefly. Sam and Max are two particularly lovable cops with such funny and exuberant temperaments (especially Max). If Sam is a big dog, quite classy, ​​rather good chic good kind, Max the white deglingo rabbit, meanwhile, does not miss the slightest opportunity to clown, even if it means spicing up everyday life with a little black humor particularly assumed. The two friends form a shocking duo, ready to do anything to make justice triumph.

Sam & Max Save The World REMASTERED gameplay on Switch

Sam Please Well

The game includes a compilation of 6 episodes during which the cop duo will rub shoulders with all kinds of unusual characters, rubbing shoulders with individuals under hypnosis, or even the toy mafia. Different scenarios, but always evolving around a small group of redundant characters: the totally paranoid local grocer, Sybil Pandemik who changes jobs more often than clothes, but also the happy Bubble gang who is none other than 'a small troupe of capricious child stars. So many improbable, but tasty worlds and situations that will require a lot of thought to make justice triumph. In fact, the software still revolves around the same dynamic: the observation of the places is capital, as well as the collection of some essential objects to advance well in the adventure. However, beyond the very classic principle of traditional point and click, Sam and Max also place a strong emphasis on multiple choice dialogues, which will occupy a privileged place in your adventure. Fortunately, these are generally well written, we also address a special mention to Max who managed to make us smile more than once, with his incredible repartee and his funny facial expressions. You will surely have a good time with these two sluts, who behind their allure of little jokes, despite everything, end up achieving their goals if they take the trouble! In fact, while the game does not lack humor or funny references, it is very demanding in its puzzles. His last ones remain logical, but it will certainly be necessary to rack their brains to finish the 6 episodes. Nevertheless, a few short sequences will manage to clear your mind a bit, such as car chases, a mole slap game (which are really rats!) And many other little flavors, which we leave to you to discover. Also, we recommend that you play the episodes in order to maintain some overall consistency. It is still possible to follow them in any order you want, but the general understanding will be imperfect.

Sam & Max Save The World REMASTERED snapshot

SAM Pleases Less

Despite undeniable assets and this communicative good humor, the shock duo also has some notable flaws. We underline for example a certain general slowness, in particular in the dialogues which cannot be shortened. These also sometimes lack clarity, with a choice of colors that overlap poorly and forcing the player to frown when reading all the texts. In fact, unless you are bilingual in French, for example, you will have to be content to read the multiple subtitles. That is something that most people would probably not appreciate! Even though the voices are good, we would have loved to savor the dialogue rather than reading it. The translation is of good quality, there are still some typos, but they remain negligible.

Sam & Max Save The World REMASTERED main characters in action

Sam Touch

If it can not be left in the hands of the youngest (the fault of some inappropriate dialogue for infantile ears), older children and adults will on the other hand very likely be touched by the undeniable charm of the graphics of the whole game. The age of the software is certainly still noticeable, but the redesign remains very clean, with bright colors and very significant facial expressions, giving a strong eloquence to the main characters. Beyond the lines and grimaces of circumstances, the game is carried by quality music and sound effects. Each episode begins and ends with real credits, worthy of our prettiest cartoons of youth. Sam and Max are initially the heroes of a comic book created by Steve Purcell in 1987. It was only after the release of the famous “Sam and Max Hit the Road” in 1993, now considered a great classic of the video game, that the two friends really discover the popularity… A well-deserved popularity, which has survived the ages to reach us today!

Sam & Max Save The World REMASTERED Review, the conclusion

Sam & Max Save The World REMASTERED Review, the conclusion

A little Proust madeleine for some, a funny discovery for others, Sam and Max should find their old audience and seduce the new kids without much difficulty. Offering several hours of adventure with a lot of thought on the menu, players will need to use a lot of logic in order to solve all the available scenarios. Served with a lot of humor and endearing little faces, especially for this rascal Max, the few flaws of the software will quickly be evacuated by this beautiful and fresh good humor. For more information regarding this game, please make sure you also visit the Sam & Max Save The World REMASTERED official website. Please don't forget to comment us, and tell us what you think about the game, what you like and what you don't like. Enjoy!


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