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Destiny 2, Beyond the Light Review: An Acclaimed Expansion With Unforgettable Backgrounds

A year after Shadow Bastion , which launched the beginnings of major advances in the universe of Destiny , Bungie  reveals the first chapter of a trilogy of its expansions, Beyond the Ligh t, by signing a surprising adventure, but not without reproach. When we know the bitter taste left in the mouth by The Iron Lords , the third expansion of the first Destiny , say that the pressure on the shoulders of Bungie was great for the release of Beyond the Light , third expansion of Destiny 2 , is a no-brainer. It was all the more so after the revelations of Shadow Bastion , and its latest season, that of The Arrival , which then plunged players into the depths of Darkness , embracing a past hitherto forgotten. In addition, the studio has carefully undertaken for several months the preparation of the players for a session of answers, to the questions that some have been asking for sometimes six years. A monster pressure also, not helped by an unprecedented health situation which necessarily ch