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Crusader Kings III Review - Long live the new king of historic strategy

The Empress Hamam has done great things during her 71 years. Coming from a small tribe of what would be modern Sudan (east of Africa), she reintroduced the organized worship of the ancient Egyptian gods and cemented the authority of a new dynasty of Pharaohs in the valley of the Medieval Nile, ending centuries of foreign rule. However, her pride in life was her 12 children, some of whom had lived as full rulers. Raising so many children can be stressful, it is true, which made her sink into a penchant for alcohol and glitzy parties, further improving her image with her friendliest subjects. And this is just one of the countless human stories that have emerged from over 100 hours spent on Crusader Kings 3 . The marriage of the personal dimension and the politics, of the greatness and intimacy, is absolutely glorious. Crusader Kings has always been a series about individual characters and how their interactions shape history and this third installment finds new and intriguing ways to sh