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Crysis Remastered Review: A dispensable gaming console version

After a passage on Switch, this version of Crysis arrives on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Basically, these new versions are identical to the Switch version, and therefore to the original material. So it’s the form of this remaster that interests us today. The lifting operated did not convince me on PS4 and One. If the differences between the original assets and this new version are visible and the textures turn out to be finer than those of the Switch game, the models remain rudimentary and do not stand up to the comparisons with the latest Far Cry for example. However, I have noticed some progress on the lighting effects which gain in heat and finesse. The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X versions have 3 options. Quality, which favors the resolution, Performance, which locks the resolution to 1080p and jumps the framerate, and finally, Ray Tracing which lives up to its name. Note that the two options helped a lot in the visual quality over performance, but, the framerate will never exceed 30 FPS and