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Ghostrunner Review - the cyberpunk ninja fruit on amphetamines!

A sign of galloping anxiety taking hold of the collective imagination, or a fashion effect resurfacing from the past, cyberpunk is a genre that has been doing wonderfully for some time. The cultural products wearing its colors follow one another without ceasing, despite an inexorable saturation of the market. Also, when the young Polish studio One More Level announced Ghostrunner at GamesCom 2019 , the news was warmly received. Well, we were wrong and are happy to admit it! The end of the world has taken place, humanity is on its knees and what remains of it is entrenched in a final bastion, the gigantic Dharma tower. The choice of verticality is not the result of chance since society is now hyper hierarchical in a caste system, held with an iron fist by The Master of Keys. Obviously, this authoritarian reorganization of society did not take place without dissent, but the rebellion was put down and is now bloodless. However, it was without counting on the awakening of a formidable c