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The Dark Pictures Little Hope Review: An Inquisitive Town Too Little In Welcoming

Horror has become a specialty of Supermassive Games , which takes great pleasure in seeing us shiver with fear since Until Dawn, released in 2015. The anthology The Dark Pictures is an opportunity for the British studio to fully immerse itself in the genre horrific and study all its facets. After the first episode "Man of Medan" which did not meet with unanimity, the adventure continues in Little Hope. New context, new scenario for a similar playful experience, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope will try to make people forget the mistakes of its predecessor. So are these guys from that studio will be able to do it? Let's find more about it. A FAMILY STORY The anthology is a great idea on paper that frees Supermassive Games from the grip of the units of place and time between episodes, but more importantly, allows it to revisit different subgenres of horror at will. This second part thus trades the warm and troubled waters of the Pacific for the misty plains of a