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Wasteland 3 Review - Chill And Kill

In this game, we are in the 22nd century, and Hell has frozen over - at least if Colorado is Hell to you. This is clearly the case in Wasteland 3: Colorado Springs escaped the nuclear holocaust that started Wasteland's story, but a lingering nuclear winter covers the entire state under its yoke. Radiation leaks through deep valleys. Killer clowns ravage the eastern plains. A cult of Ronald Reagan controls Colorado's oil reserves. It's a setting that clearly doesn't lack personality for this long and often difficult Isometric RPG, which does better than Wasteland 2 on almost every level. If you prefer snowy post-apocalyptic landscapes rather than sandy ones, rest assured: you don't have to play stuffy and dusty Wasteland 2 to understand what's going on in this sequel. You play as a duo of the Arizona Desert Rangers, a half-western, half-SF militia whose base was destroyed at the end of Wasteland 2. The Rangers head to Colorado after a local leader proposes the Ar

The XBox Series X And PS5 Specs Comparison, Which One Is Better?

Is your heart still swinging between the Xbox Series X and the PS5? You really don't know which console to choose from? Well, this post is for you. If it's too early to pass judgment between the two consoles, there is already a way to find out which console will suit all your gaming needs and it starts with power. So let see how this will help you out. So we already know that Sony revealed recently all its technical specifics of the PlayStation 5. At this point, you may want to refer to my latest post titled: Is It Worth Buying A PS5?   Microsoft, for its part, had also done it a little earlier for its Xbox Series X. If there are still some gray areas, well now we know everything about them or I should say almost everything from both consoles. So now we have all the cards in hand to organize a face to face meeting between the two models. So what is the best video game console between Sony's PS5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series X, which of the two consoles will win the power