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DiRT 5 Review: Our Impressions On This First NEXT GEN Game

Announced at the Microsoft conference on May 7, DiRT 5 was relatively discreet with a small trailer where we did not see much. Codemasters have rectified things since, in particular by multiplying the press releases which made it possible to know more about the ambitions of the game. If Forza Horizon and Playground Games seem untouchable in terms of content and freedom of action, the British developers have opted for a slightly different path by favoring a high-level graphic rendering, as a slightly more narrative epic with many headliners on the program as well. Here in this post, I will explain everything to you. In DiRT 5 , we embody - as always - a young rookie ready to make a name for himself in the ruthless world of off-road racing. But here, there is no question of being alone against all since a former champion will take us under his wing. In fact, the current star of the championship, Alex Janicek , sees in me a future champion, and to impose, this captain of the discipline

Pacer Review - Is the video game the worthy successor of WipEout?

The year 1995 marks the birth of a flagship saga, that of WipEout . A series that will have reigned over futuristic racing games until August 2012, when SCE Studio Liverpool , formerly Psygnosis , the creators of the license, closed. Since that date, the iconic saga first appeared on PlayStation who was the first by the way, and, who has offered only two additional episodes, WipEout 2048 , an episode intended for PlayStation Vita , the eighth generation handheld console from Sony, and WipEout Omega Collection , the remake of WipEout 2048 and WipEout HD , one of the best installment of the saga ... Since then, nothing. The IP edited by the Japanese giant has no longer given any sign of life, thus leaving the field open to all developers who wanted to adopt this recipe which has already proved its worth. Obviously, this is the case with our topic of the day, namely Formula Fusion , or rather Pacer , the creation of R8 Games . Before going into full details, I want to do a little invento

The Best Racing Game For Your PS4 in 2020

Racing games on PS4 are on the rise: Motorsports are still popular with gamers, and Sony's console is the perfect place to get started. Here is a selection of the best racing games to check out on PlayStation. Racing games are still a big trend when it comes to video games. It must be said that the choice is vast and the developers offer very varied titles, focused on the competition, on team play, with a story, in open-world, playable online, or by two on one the same PlayStation 4. Whether you are a fan of the Need For Speed-style automotive challenge, whether you enjoy the wacky challenges offered by Crash Bandicoot Team Racing Nitro Fueled, or whether you are looking for the realism of a Gran Turismo Sport, racing game, this isn't what it lacks on PS4. And there is something at every price and every one tastes: it is up to you to choose the Playstation game that suite all your needs, without making a dent in your budget. My selection allows you to make your choice among the