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Project Wingman Review - An Animated Flight Simulator

The desire to play a game that does justice to fighter jets is always matched by the reluctance to import a full HOTAS setup from Belarus. Are there any intermediate games that we can enjoy? Not really. But when it comes to Gen 4 arcade combat action, there's Project Wingman . The game takes place on our own Green Earth. But make no mistake - we're emulating Ace Combat here, and that means building incredible levels of animated nonsense, including Earth having undergone a massive tectonic upheaval 400 years ago. The reconstructed world is powered by geothermal energy - abundant in the Federation that has settled around the Ring of Fire. Cascadia, a nation best described as "the west coast has literally broken apart and is now a country," wants to secede. You are Monarch, the best mercenary in the Sicario outfit, and you are going through this mess for fame and money. For some reason, everyone still uses fighter jets designed over 450 years ago. The comparison to Ace C