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FUSER Review - An Original Musical Game That Takes Advantage Of An Excellent Creative Dimension

FUSER is the new musical game developed by Harmonix (Guitar Hero, Rock Band) that puts you in the shoes of a DJ. Unlike a DJ Hero, the title does not rely on a flashy accessory to stand out. Like some current musical games such as Cadence of Hyrule or Beat Saber , it is by its originality that it intends to seduce players. With a rather unique concept, can it nevertheless seduce the crowds? Well, the good news is: Ie was able to play for about ten hours on the Switch version, experimenting with campaign mode, online, and offline freestyle mode. However, I was unable to find any opponents for Battles mode given the few players online before its official release. Become the DJ daddy or bass hunter When you see a real DJ's mixer without knowing much about it, you almost have the impression of standing in front of the dashboard of an Airbus. The first good point of this FUSER is that it makes mixing accessible thanks to a very simple principle at first which is being developed over t