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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Review - Casually, The Most Beautiful Game In The World

Getting into Flight Simulator means participating in a somewhat special experience for those who have never tasted flight simulators. An experience made up of memorable overflights views each more dazzling landscapes of a variety rarely equaled. An experience where you have to develop your flight plan in turn, follow the checklist to the letter, talk to air traffic control and spend long minutes taxiing to reach runway 13R… An exceptional experience, I promise! Seven years after the controversial release of Microsoft Flight and thirteen years after that of the last real episode of the franchise - Flight Simulator X - Microsoft took everyone by surprise at E3 2019 by formalizing a brand new version soberly called Flight Simulator. No longer having an internal team capable of leading such a project, the publisher toured its partners before choosing the French company from Asobo Studios. Based in Bordeaux in France, they hired the majority of the company's developers on the site by th