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Wasteland 3 Review - Chill And Kill

In this game, we are in the 22nd century, and Hell has frozen over - at least if Colorado is Hell to you. This is clearly the case in Wasteland 3: Colorado Springs escaped the nuclear holocaust that started Wasteland's story, but a lingering nuclear winter covers the entire state under its yoke. Radiation leaks through deep valleys. Killer clowns ravage the eastern plains. A cult of Ronald Reagan controls Colorado's oil reserves. It's a setting that clearly doesn't lack personality for this long and often difficult Isometric RPG, which does better than Wasteland 2 on almost every level. If you prefer snowy post-apocalyptic landscapes rather than sandy ones, rest assured: you don't have to play stuffy and dusty Wasteland 2 to understand what's going on in this sequel. You play as a duo of the Arizona Desert Rangers, a half-western, half-SF militia whose base was destroyed at the end of Wasteland 2. The Rangers head to Colorado after a local leader proposes the Ar

How To Choose a Gaming PC - Everything you should know before buying

More efficient than a simple office computer, the gaming PC has been designed with powerful components adapted to complex configurations for video game software. But when it comes to deciding between a desktop or a laptop, adding RAM or changing motherboards, the choice gets complicated quite quickly. To help you better equip yourself, here are some tips for finding the right gaming PC. What to check on a gaming PC? Whether you are a beginner or an avid gamer, you will always need a good gaming PC. The high level of performance of this computer is ensured by a strategic installation of its internal components such as motherboard, graphics card, processor, hard drive, and memory modules. The presence of larger (over 80mm) and quieter fans is also a must to effectively cool the CPU and graphics card that is heavily used when playing your favorite games. To allow you to improve the performance of your gaming PC, this device is upgradeable and is equipped with SATA and other PCI express co