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Google Stadia Gaming Console Review, Questions And Answers

We often talk to you about game consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, or the Xbox Series X, or even more recently we presented you with the brand new PlayStation 5 from Sony. But did you know that the leader in the web search engines Google has also invested their time and effort to acquire a piece of the pie in the game console market? Google introduced not so long ago its very first compact console called Stadia, a technological innovation that will give a whole new meaning to the video game industry. However, Google Stadia is generally not well understood as a service. Dematerialized, cloud-gaming, on-demand offer ... Here is our Google Stadia file, with several questions and their answers. In other word, welcome to our Google Stadia games console review. What is cloud gaming? Today you slip a disc into your game console or download game files to your device, and ... there's also the Nintendo Switch with its cartridges. Depending on the components inside your device, your game w

How video games changed the world

Charlie Brooker dominated Channel 4's Saturday night schedule where he looks at 25 of the most influential video games ever made. Video games still remain in a weird liminal zone between fan culture and mainstream understanding. By following Brooker theory, let's find more about how today the world is constantly changing face to the video game industry.  First, what we need to know is in the earlier '70s, video games were seen as a waste of time, do what happened to this industry? Why playing video games became so popular? Do you know some people like you and I are currently making a decent amount of money just by playing some video games? Awesome right? So let's dig in and find how an why the industry became more popular than the music and film industry combined together. Victoria Szabo , a visual studios professor and co-director of Duke’s Greater Than Games Lab, has been studying digital places and spaces and systems that take advantage of games, mobile devices, and